About us

PI Journeys is a collaboration between a well known brand from beauty, cosmetology Industry and people working in travel Industry. Headed by an experienced and well versed staff in the travel Industry with a working experience of more than 10 years, PI Journeys aims at becoming the most sought after and coveted name in the industry of destination weddings and Honeymoon packages.

  • Destination Weddings
    Our Aim is to provide our clients with lifelong memories and Joyful experiences on the most important day of their lives. Working with a team of professionals, our company’s mission is to provide for all your on ground needs converting your wedding in the wedding of your dreams.
  • Honeymoon packages
    We at PI Journeys understand the need to relax and unwind when one is planning a holiday, keeping this in mind; we are one stop shop for all your travel needs from boarding/lodging to sightseeing, from air travel to land travel from leisure to easy on pocket, not compromising on the quality of services, with a wide list of destinations to choose from.
  • Weekend Getaways/ Short Trips
    A quick fix is what we all need in today’s fast pacing lifestyle; same is applicable when we talk about travel as well. A weekend getaway or a short trip becomes the need of the hour when we have small time at hand. Providing you with an array of destinations to choose from, PI Journey’s weekend getaways and short trips are surely going to rejuvenate your senses, giving you a well deserved break from your hectic lives.
  • Adventure Trips
    Catering to the needs of all those nature and adventure buffs, our adventure trips are going to give you adrenaline rush provided at some breathtaking locations all over the world.

So come join us and feel the difference coz it’s all about travel!!